Jamie Palumbo


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  • Distant Star 2006
  • EarBuzz.com Review: Distant Star is Jamie Palumbo’s rock and roll roots exploration that takes him from cover disco (KC’s Get Down Tonight) to Beatle-esque song craft pieces dedicated to newscaster (Ashleigh Banfield tease).

    All of this wrapped around the core foundation of this accomplished guitarist’s talent. Each song has inventive guitar passages – whether solos or introductions – any all points in between. Palumbo even takes on Mozart’s 40th symphony in a surf/punk/rock attitude. Our favorite tune here is the long mp3 song, “Ashleigh Banfield” – great stuff and tuned-in (pun intended) songwriting. The title track, “Distant Star”, introduces us to the tenor tinged rock voice of Palumbo – he sings his heart out with sincerity on the entire record and at times we’re reminded of John Lennon in his timbre.

    “Monique”, track 3 is another solidly written tune – the production is professional and crystal clear at Cazador studios in Hollywood and the chorus harmonies are gorgeous. In “Moneyland”, Palumbo wonders ‘why the nice guys fall by the way side . .in Moneyland’ as he paints a picture of the business music world in the Southland.

    Jamie has an interesting vibrato – heard in the clip to “Let it Go” – it’s full of kinetic energy and slightly chaotic cool. The CD is a stark contrast to his solo classical album below – exhibiting his diverse musical abilities and tastes.

  • – “Modern Rock with very cool songs and guitar work. A timeless and classical rock CD that appeals to a wide audience…”

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