Jamie Palumbo


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  • His Master's Guitar 2006
  • EarBuzz.com Review: Jamie Palumbo’s CD, “His Master’s Guitar”, returns the artist to his love of classical guitar in this solo 9-track collection of original compositions.

    Palumbo’s music is maturing with the artist as we hear deeper movements of tension and resolution in the musical choices he’s made in writing. There is a gentle purposeful momentum between the tracks and during that treats the listener to a journey of music rather than a collection of very individual tracks. Track 1, “Traveling”, throws around minor 2nd extensions to Palumbo’s arpeggios around his mostly in-the-pocket progression – adding hints of dissonance to an otherwise new-ageish nylon string piece. “The Solace System” is a soothing and well-performed piece of guitar love – our favorite on the CD. Palumbo takes his time, and seems to have been in the right space during recording to reveal an intimate and nurturing performance on this track in-particular.

    “Paola’s Harp” is a fantasy major-keyed fair-tale of a tune – beautiful and hopeful. The final track, “Above the Alps”, is a pedaled chord exercise with a mountain climbing vibe that smiles. Interesting on the CD how Palumbo saved, for us, the best tracks for the end of the CD. We look forward to hearing more like this – great direction and evolving talent in both performance and artistic composition.

    Palumbo has provided some compelling guitar pieces in the universal library of guitar works.

  • – “A brave effort by a rock guitarist displaying his classical guitar ability from an instrumental aspect and from a composing aspect as well”.

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