Jamie Palumbo


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  • Solo Classical Guitar 2004
  • The Waltz of The Fantome Royale was inspired by a trip I took to France were I went to one of Napoleon’s Chateau’s.

    It was a cloudy day and I was all alone with out a tour guide just taking in all of the amazing architecture and interior design of the period. What struck me most was a grand ball room, where I stopped and stared and started to fantasize about people from all walks of history having a grand old time at this ball. I imagined Charles De Gaul speaking with Ben Franklyn and President Kennedy speaking with Joan of Arc and Ghandi dancing with Marie Antoinette.

    I mean it was crazy, all theses people from the past in the style of clothes they would have normally worn and Generals in uniform and Countesses in ball gowns and everyone all out of chronological order!

    I hope the listener can get the same feeling I had inside Napoleon’s Chateau when listening to The Waltz of The Fantome Royal. If not, I guess I am the only crazy one.

  • – “If you like The Gypsy Kings and Ottmar Liebert, you will like this album very much…”

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