Jamie Palumbo


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  • We Are One 2008
  • EarBuzz.com Review: The versatile singer/songwriter/guitarist, Jamie Palumbo, takes a rock and roll road for the 12-track CD, “We Are One”.

    The opening and title track is inspired by the universal ‘truth that’s out there somewhere, we can figure it out, holding hands with mother earth, feel the shining sun, holding hands with the man on the moon, the universe is one, we are one’. The tune, a fitting opening song, employs an old-school barre chord riff in the spirit of 70s rock that grew out of the love generation. Track 7, “Move On, Move Up, Move Out”, is our favorite on the CD. Palumbo opens with a lyrical and edgy musical phrase that has hints of Deringer and Frampton in what could be an anthem. His guitar work on the track is lyrical and fluid. Palumbo ambitiously drives “Through it All” in track 11 and the harmonic-minor and altered chord choices and arrangement make it the most progressive we’ve heard from the L.A. musician and there’s a taste of some of the 80’s BOC. The final track is a cover of A3’s theme from the Soprano’s. Palumbo tackles the smooth groover and turns it into a straight 2/4 guitar-focused rocker – and vocals up an octave. Palumbo takes a guitar break that is wammy-lovin’ and melodic as he rips up the last two minutes of the track, ending in what could be called. a guitargasm.

    From classical guitar to pop, to folk and now a full blown rock effort with this latest CD, Palumbo has traveled, and will continue to travel, a renaissance musical road. “We are One” stops in several prime rock locations, but lands in New Jersey.

  • – “Ultimate rock CD with virtuoso guitar and brilliantly written pop songs.”

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