Live & Love

An epic 61 minute album in "The Modclass Rock Style". if you like Classic Rock and you want to hear something Modern, this album is for you.

Modclass Guitar

Modclass Guitar is a solo instrumental guitar CD that is in the style of Spanish Classical Guitar Music only with a modern pop rock twist.


A modern classic rock sound with a subtle Beatle influence in the melodies and lyrics. A fresh and exciting pop rock album.

The Possibility

Exciting new American Pop Rock with a British influence. Timeless songs and great guitar work. Hopeful lyrics and nice vocal harmonies.

We Are One

Ultimate rock CD with virtuoso guitar and brilliantly written pop songs. This CD has it all and is an instant timeless classic.

His Master's Guitar

There is a gentle purposeful momentum between the tracks and during that treats the listener to a journey of music rather than a collection of very individual tracks.

Greetings From Eden

You'll be reminded of how traditional recordings were done in the 60s and 70s even though this album was recorded in 1999.

Solo Classical Guitar

If you like The Gypsy Kings and Ottmar Liebert, you will like this artist very much.

Tomorrow Always Knows

New Pop Rock influenced by the 70's, 80's, 90's and 00's. Also, there are some original classical guitar solo instrumentals to add some variety.

Distant Star

Modern Rock with very cool songs and guitar work. A timeless and classical rock CD.

Listen to "Happy Day"